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Christine Stolpe

Passionate about furthering an understanding of payroll.

Working in this industry for thirty (30) years.

Along the way, has enjoyed sharing knowledge and experience by becoming a Certified Payroll Professional, public speaker, and an active member of the Payroll Organization.

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Educating and inspiring emerging adults to leverage their earnings and to build generational wealth smarter and faster.



... should be a required course for all high school students before graduation and then again for college graduates before receiving their degree.  It might shock you to learn that over half of all new hires admit to not understanding Form W-4, how to complete it, or what effect it has on their paychecks.

Through humor and storytelling, I inspire a desire to take control over the destiny of one's own paycheck.

Adulting is hard enough.  Instead of shoving the next generation into the workforce and letting them figure it out for themselves, I prefer a TLC approach... Team - Lead - Coach

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"I wasn't looking forward to such a long presentation, but the presenter was fabulous! Her mood and knowledge really held my attention. Thank you for being a great teacher."
- Anonymous Student

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Hannah Huneidi, CPP
Payroll Manager, Cloudera

“Christine is a fantastic speaker. She is informative and interactive.
Regardless of whether she is presenting in
person or over Zoom, her adaptive presenter
skills allow for her to engage with the

Tonette Slaviero, Work Experience Coordinator (RET), Campbell Unified High School District

“Christine has been a speaker in my Work Experience classes for the past 10+ years. She combines humor with real world practical information about payroll in a way that helps my students understand and apply it to their lives.”

About Christine

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Born and raised in Northern California, I am the product of both private and public schools and hold a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Admin. from UNLV.

My certifications include payroll, global payroll and leadership.

I currently reside just outside Las Vegas and enjoy spending time exploring on weekend road trips with my high school sweetheart and our fur-babies. 

As a west coast native, I have a love of the Pacific Ocean and a budget for the Southern Nevada desert. It's still sand, just a very a different kind of sand.

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Professional Payroll Consulting Firm

New Payroll Encyclopedia

Lays out basic payroll rules and varying laws for each of the different states​

Avoids risks and exposure to unreliable sites 

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