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Since I first learned to speak, I have not stopped.  It's my superpower.  Maybe I stop now and then to sleep, or maybe for a meal, but I'm pretty sure my family would tell you that I talk even then.  Today, as a pseudo-grown-up, I have decided to use my superpower for good and speak to those who would hear what I have to say.  

A twenty year veteran of the payroll profession, I have encountered people at their best and at their worst.  As a member of various social media circles, I have learned a lot about its proper use versus its dark side.  Motherhood has taught me a lot about learning styles, communication styles and work-life balance.  All of this experience has given me a unique viewpoint of the world, how best to prepare yourself for it, and how not to let it get the better of you.

​My passion for sharing my experiences now takes me to the stage, where I am happy to tell heart-warming, humorous, and slightly embarrassing stories that will allow today's workforce to better understand and maybe even be better prepared for the journey they have embarked on.

If your goal is to truly prepare yourself, your students or your employees for success in the the workforce, please contact me below and let's have a chat about bringing my message to you, your class or your team.

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A speaker for the American Payroll Association and a member of the APA's National Speakers Bureau, Christine has presented to hundreds of APA members and local chapter leaders

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